ABOUT living our future

LIVING OUR FUTURE is an innovation, lifestyle design and digital network aimed at the future.

LIVING OUR FUTURE provides information regarding new developments and innovative products that inspire. Aiming to bring together and sharing innovative design globally to help evolve manufacturing and our infrastructure.

Innovation is at the heart of the global economy. Governments and corporations alike recognize innovation as a fundamental driver of economic and business growth. But recognizing shifting trends and emerging hot-spots is critical to understanding and channeling innovation to maximum effect. 

Design and interdisciplinary subjects, with the cross polination of ideas, is the focus of the editor Julia Smith; who is a recognized international professional designer and brand expert. She has come from a business background working closely with manufacturing which has helped her to recognize the importance of technoligcal developments in design and product creation. Her experience working with Italian, French, British and American brands and the Japanese market showed her at an early stage the importance of R & D, the work done by WIPO in the protection of innovative ideas, along with the value of design thinking in business. Her international point of view and her background in business has lead her to co-create the company INOVICO which is the driving force for LIVING OUR FUTURE to design a better world with the cooperation of professional experts in innovation and design.

It is through an organic network, an interaction of people sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge and collaboration that innovation is created. 

The vision of LIVING OUR FUTURE is to provide a network to: