The written word for dyslexics has found its new “alphabet” – watch and discover how Christian Boer explains the complexities of Dyslexia, why he designed and created the new font which will change the lives of millions of people with dyslexia for the better. Christain Boer is himself dyslexic and understood the complexities of this reading and learning difficulty, that also leads to dyorthogrphy in the majoity of dyslexics. His innovation of the DYSLEXIEFONT has already been used and printed in many books, where dyslexics can also find the classics written in the font to enhance reading and comprehension. The DYSLEXIFONT can be downloaded on any computer to help to understand and write texts. Helping children and adults to change their world of dyslexia for postive learning and literary enjoyment. Please follow the link below to understand more and download the font. NEW WAY OF READING