Bristol University, U.K. has developed an innovative use for nuclear waste to generate electricity into a nuclear-powered battery using carbon-14.  Physicists and chemists from the University have developed a man-made diamond that, when placed in a radioactive field, generates a small electrical current.  This development would help to solve problems of nuclear waste, contribute to clean electricity and battery life resulting in a myriad of multiple usages.

Tom Scott, Professor in Materials at the University’s Interface Analysis Centre and a member of the Cabot Institute at the University of Bristol, explains:

There are no moving parts involved, no emissions generated and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation. By encapsulating radioactive material inside diamonds, we turn a long-term problem of nuclear waste into a nuclear-powered battery and a long-term supply of clean energy.

The following video gives you a better idea of the process involved to create the diamond battery.  Bristol University are asking the public to give their ideas of how this new energy source can be used at #diamondbattery read more:

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